Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I find it sad and ridiculous that I have not posted a blog in MONTHS! To be said, I have been insanely busy. I started and finished my first semester of school... with a 4.0! I don't think I have been able to say that since I was in elementary school. I never tried hard, but I know how important it is now. The school I go to has a certain (small) amount of spots open for the following school and I have to keep my game in check till the end! School with William had its ups and downs. To start... he is still not sleeping through the night. I know that if I don't fix this soon, it will go on for years. It's getting to the point in his life that he will be more adamant than me when getting what he wants. I need to get him to sleep till morning, otherwise I'm going to be a very tired mama for the next few years. I finally have a routine down for school itself and I'm very sure I can finish at the top of my class. I'm determined.

William will be one in less than a month. I thought I would have reported more via blog than I have in the past year. It makes me happy to see how big he is getting and the little boy he is becoming, but I have to remind myself that he is a baby still. He's not even a toddler no matter how smart he is. He lights my day and I feel whole with him following me around and wanting/needing me. He is very close to trying to walk. He lets go for a few seconds now, no wobbling for this tank. He's funny, sweet, active, crawls on everything and everyone. He is just a joy to be around and I want to share him with everyone I meet. He is out of 12 month outfits and he isn't even 12 months! William is over 27 pounds and growing strong. It's so much fun to see how tall and heavy he is from appointment to appointment.

Balancing being a wife, mom, student, friend, daughter, sister, alien, and everything else that comes with my life is much harder than I thought it would be. It is smooth from the outside, but it is so tough to do it. I love it, I wouldn't change it, but I can't imagine putting one more thing on my plate. I feel badly that Marty and I don't have many friends, but it is so impossible to find time to cook a healthy meal let alone meet people. We have each other and that's awesome for now, but in the future we will need to be able to go out and shop or fish or gallivant in the fields with our BF F's. Everything comes in time, and we're relatively patient people.

Speaking of patient: Poor Martin. He has been in and out of the hospital for the past month due to an elbow infection. How weird is that? He is okay, but may need more intervention later. He ended up with symptoms of sepsis at one point and I practically had to shove him out the door to go to the hospital. What would men do without us? Seriously? Other than that, it's been under control with mass amounts of antibiotics and pain medicine. Thankfully, he is feeling much better and time will be the teller. It will be nice when I become an official RN so I can better see what is going on. I knew this wasn't something to mess with, but it sure did worry me seeing him get so sick.

Marty's parents got William a trailer for Marty's bike. Will gets strapped in and is pulled by the bike. I thought it was the most absolute awesome thing. He gets to be outdoors without being tired from having to move around. Marty surprised me with a bike for myself so that we can all go riding. It feels so nice to be that family that goes out like that and does the things that makes us healthy and closer. I absolutely love it.

I know how blessed we are and I couldn't ask for anything more than just to stay on the same path we are on. However, I do have a few New Year resolutions. Including but not limited to: losing weight, toning up, and feeling comfortable in my new body. It's hard to remember I helped create and solely carried a human life and that's more beautiful than anything I will ever do. I also want to have a 4.0 in all three semesters of school. I have a few others, but I don't want to set my goals too high. Oh, and blogging more is certainly on my list.

I hope everyone is doing well and happy and I will write soon! And hopefully something funny.