Sunday, August 7, 2011

Half a Year and 60 Outfits Later

My monkey boy is now a half a year old! My, how time flies! In that time he has learned how to smile, laugh, snuggle, grab EVERYTHING, eat from a spoon, and many more amazing and wonderful things. Marty and I have learned that he gets frustrated and cries, his diapers don't always hold, three outfits a day sometimes just isn't enough, Liam prefers showers, and just as many other wonderful things.

Mostly though, we have learned how to live with each other, we know how to make every day a fluid movement. We are so blessed to be close with one another, spend time with each person one on one. We tend to everyone's needs with effort and care... wait, I'm pretty sure I'm talking about just Marty and me here... Liam will learn over time how to do those things! He just soaks up the attention for now, which is perfectly fine with us!

Living with someone so dependant on you is really an eye opener. Need a shower? Negative, baby needs a bottle. Want to clean? What's cleaning? Need some alone time? HELLO!! That left the last night of your pregnancy!! And it's wonderful! All of the smelly, unclean, tiring moments that lead up to mile markers couldn't be better!

This is hands down the most rewarding thing anyone can do. And how blessed are we to be able to do it?
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