Wednesday, August 3, 2011

With a Baby on My Hip!

For a long time I think there was this misconception that women, rather mothers, couldn't do things that the average baby-less woman could do. I think somewhere in the back of my head I have felt that way for a long time. As if I have an obligation to my family and only my family and heaven forbid something comes between them and their happiness!! It seems silly now and actually has urged me to be even more diligent and determined to do what I need to do to finish school (in the projected three and one half years) and finish with honors! I'm going to do what I need to do to graduate.

But, when does it get to a point that something has to give? Where in my life am I going to compromise if something unexpected comes up? I have been busy to the max the past few months but I have found time to nap with my little guy, paint a picture if I'm lucky, read a book or two, and just enjoy myself. Now that I will be going to school with no less than three classes on my plate per week, William is getting fatter bigger and more mobile, and Marty and I are still trying to figure out the swing of things with not only each other but with our life in general. Okay, I don't have much of a social life so that's not going to give anymore unless Marty doesn't want to see me anymore. We only see my in-laws one to two days a week so it's not like that's too big of a deal. I already don't shower... ooops, I mean, I already wait for Marty to get home to tend to myself. So what gives? Will I have anything left to give?

I'm confident that everything will work out the way that it needs to. But I tell you this, I just may disappear from there being nothing left of me to give if something detrimental happens in our little world ;) And I know that anything anyone else in this world can do, I can do with a baby on my hip.


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