Tuesday, March 22, 2011


How do you help your child when their doctor doesn't even show concern in helping them?

As I lie here with William for our normal routine of screaming, crying, whimpering, and sleeping in what feels like an endless cycle, I can't help but be angry with his (old) pediatrician for our visit Friday where little, if not no concern was shown. My mom said it best. If you don't have a good support system, what do you have?

At first, my only concern about a doctor for Will was location, insurance, and comfort level. Now the only thing I care about is their level of concern for my child. If I bring my sickly child into your office, especially a newborn, you had damn well better be seeing what you can do for him. Not comment on why I'm no longer breast feeding or pumping. Quite frankly, it's none of your damn business! All you need to know is whether he's being fed properly. You also don't need to know if I snuggled him more than I let him cry. All you need to know is that he is well loved and not neglected. And you damn sure don't need to be telling me to (A) not feed him when he's hungry because it has only been two and a half hours and not three hours since his last feeding OR (B) just let him scream so I can teach him to not rely on me holding him for however long. If I choose to hold my child after I've let them fuss for a reasonable amount of time, it is NOT your place to tell me otherwise. Newborn babies do not know how to manipulate you. All they know how to do is cry until they are comforted. They do not cry to be held just to bug you. They do it because they don't know how to self soothe.

My point is this: if I trust you enough to care for my child, you had better show concern when I'm concerned. My choices for my family are none of your business. I'm not neglecting him, so back off!

Rant over.

P.s. We still aren't sure what Will is going through. We have a new pediatrician we see tomorrow. Wish us luck.
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