Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Human Contact

Having gotten pregnant very quickly once I moved down to be with Marty, I wasn't able to really get established here as far as a job and friends go. Don't get me wrong, the only friend I need is Marty, so it's okay with me, but he can't hang out with me when I feel like I need to be around someone. He has a job to do and I totally understand that.

But, last night I had the oppertunity to finally talk to someone who was not only a female (yay!) but she was also pregnant and just hitting her third trimester (even bigger yay!!). We had been planning on going out with our friend Josh for a few weeks to watch the Ohio game (they won!) and I was honestly expecting it to just be me with a bunch of dudes. But, what else is new.

I can't even begin to tell you how much fun it was just to sit with another woman and also have something so big in common that it dominated our conversations. I hope she didn't mind that either, I wasn't really sure since the conversations themselves happened to just track back to pregnancy. I'll be sure to make up for it next time we run into each other and talk about the weather or politics or something...

My mom has been saying it for so long now that I've thought a lot about it, but it's truley important to have human contact when you're pregnant at home and even more so when the baby comes. Having a new baby is going to be tough and draining and hectic and beautiful and amazing and all these wonderful things that come with the territory, but what about the moms in other parts of their lives? Does every female know the importance of companionship, not with your significant other, but with other women in general? We need to have that friendship and relationship of another woman to make sure that we don't go crazy in our day to day tasks. I do have friends who I talk to all the time. Granted, two of the four are in my immediate family, but whatever!

But, really. It is going to be hard to find friends once Snuggle Bug gets here, but at first we'll be so busy with him and just swooning over how amazing he is that I don't think I'll mind at first. I know it'll be important to meet other moms and have play dates and dinners and what not; but, how do I go from not having any friends to trying to make friends with a whole new different common ground? I know enough about babies and toddlers to be comfortable for when Snuggle Bug arrives, but I know nothing about parenting itself. I know how I want to and I know what I'm determined to do. What will we talk about? When will we find the time? When is it appropriate to have a play date, even if it's just for the mommies?

And I thought being pregnant was enough to induce anxiety! Now I have to find friends too?!?

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